Doors & Keys

Never before has trying to
open a door been so stressful.

If you've ever opened a door in your life, then you're completely qualified to play this simple, frustrating, and outright addicting game!

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How to play

  • You are presented with two colored doors.
  • One is locked and the other is unlocked.
  • Tap a door to open it.
  • If it's locked, game over.
  • If it's unlocked, you advance to the next room!
  • Repeat.
  • Every 5th room has two doors of the same color.
  • Both are unlocked, but one has a colored key behind it.
  • Keys sit in your key inventory.
  • Locked doors automatically unlock if you have the matching key.
  • Once unlocked, your key is removed from your inventory.


What the others are saying

  • This app perfectly simulates what it's like to open a door!
    - Mark
  • I LOVE THIS GAME! It's so simple and stupid, but completely addicting! I've almost completed all of the achievements! So much fun!
    - Ashely
  • I was in room 99 when I hit a locked door. DANG IT!!!!
    - Steve
  • Perfect game to pick up and play when you're waiting in line for something. Just make sure you don't throw your phone on the DMV floor when you hit a locked door!
    - Jillian